Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Testserver Minipatch

Heute wurde ein "Mini-Patch" aufm Testserver aufgespielt.
Hier die Patchnotes:
Classes and Combat


  • Using a stun-breaking ability no longer keeps a player that was knocked down from standing up.
  • Repeatedly pressing the hotkey for a channeled ability will no longer cancel the channeling.
  • Medpacs can now only be used once per fight. When a medpac is used during combat, another cannot be used until after combat has ended.
  • Leuro-Khian, the Skill Mentor aboard the Republic Fleet, now resets respec costs correctly.

Bounty Hunter


  • Bonus damage dealt by Heatseeker Missiles now correctly takes the number of your Heat Signatures on the target into account.


  • Bonus damage dealt by Demolition Round now correctly takes the number of your Gravity Vortices on the target into account.

Crew Skills

Crafting Skills
  • Schematics are no longer consumed if a player attempts to use one that is already known.

Flashpoints and Operations


The Esseles
  • Interrupting Ironfist's Headshot ability will no longer cause him to use it more often than intended.

Red Reaper
  • Damage from SV-3 Eradicator Droid's beam has been increased, but it no longer shifts pillar colors while actively attacking with the beam.


  • Campaign weapons and off-hand items are now available on the Crisis Point vendors.
  • Tooltips for off-hand weapons now indicate they cannot be equipped by Sorcerers and Guardians.

  • Junk (grey) items no longer appear in the buyback window.
  • The vendor buyback window has been expanded to 12 slots.

Missions and NPCs

  • Mission and Flashpoint phases now cancel conversations if a member of the group is in combat.
  • Corrected a rare case where some rewards out of a group of mission rewards would not be received by a player with a full or almost-full inventory.
  • Players who have progress in the same phase are no longer prevented from grouping with each other if they did not use the /accept command.
  • Players can now continue to abandon and reset missions without restarting the game if they closed the abandon or reset confirmation dialogue by using the "x" button.


Jedi Knight
  • New Intelligence: This mission's rewards are now level-appropriate.

Sith Warrior
  • Check In: Players no longer receive a codex text error when logging into the game while on this mission.


  • High-level PvP Daily and Weekly missions now reward a combination of Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations.
  • "Dauntless" medals now correctly start at Dauntless I.
  • PvP medpacs now have a 1.5-minute cooldown (down from 3).

  • Players participating in the new Ranked Warzones will receive a penalty debuff if they leave ranked games before they are complete. This debuff prevents the player from re-queuing for a ranked game for a period of time. For the time being, we are not extending this to affect players participating in unranked Warzones. Leaving an unranked game will not initiate a debuff, and players who have the penalty debuff will still be able to queue for Unranked games.

  • The visual effects from the fire traps no longer continue to play on characters they killed.

Space Combat

  • Ships in Space Combat Missions are now visible.


  • The Character Window now correctly updates when modifying companion equipment while on your personal starship.
  • Corrected several instances of incorrect or missing tooltips.
  • Bind Points now appear on the World Map as "locked" if they are not discovered.
  • An option to continue playing sounds when the game loses focus (via alt-tab, etc) has been added.
  • Certain chat commands and their corresponding messages have been properly localized in French and German. These commands include /ckick, /mute, /moderate, /channellist, and /list.

Groups and Targeting
  • Class icons now appear next to nameplates. This feature can be toggled off in the preferences menu.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Some locations where players could get stuck have been fixed.
  • Some missing and incorrect text has been fixed.
  • Some art assets that were missing or placed improperly have been fixed.
  • A rare issue that could cause multiple sound effects to inappropriately play on top of each other has been corrected.
  • Dark side appearance, if enabled, now appears correctly at character selection.
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